Benefits of sandalwood 2022 | 24 Sandalwood Benefits

Benefits of sandalwood 2022
Benefits of sandalwood 2022

Benefits of sandalwood 2022

Have you ever seen a sandalwood tree? If you haven’t seen it, you must have heard that at some point there is a tree called sandalwood, which is very fragrant. Many people use sandalwood to decorate their houses. In fact, that’s all people know about sandalwood. Most people do not know that sandalwood is a very beneficial herb, and sandalwood has been used in medicine for many years.

What is sandalwood?

Sandalwood is an herb. As it is fragrant and cool, it gives pleasure to people, so it is called sandalwood. Sandalwood trees are green in color and 6 to 9 meters tall. Its branches are curved. The bark of the sandalwood tree is red (blood sandalwood), brown or brownish-black. Sandalwood leaves are elliptical, soft and the front part of the leaf is sharp. Sandalwood flowers are brownish-purple, or purple in color, which is odorless. The fruits are round, fleshy, purple when ripe. Its seeds are hard, elliptical or round.

Sandalwood trees usually grow after 20 years. The inner part of the tree is light yellow in color and fragrant. The bark of the old tree (sandalwood tree) is cracked. Sandalwood is fragrant after the age of 40-60 years. Sandalwood flowers from June to September and bears fruit from November to February.

According to Ayurveda, sandalwood is not just a type. Different types of sandalwood trees are found in the country and abroad, which are as follows:

Features of the best sandalwood Sandalwood that is of very good quality is white in appearance, but when cut it turns red. When it is rubbed, a yellow substance comes out of it. Its smell is somewhat pungent.

Wet sandalwood This sandal wood is very cold. It can be used to cure burns, fever, vomiting, phlegm etc.

Peach sandalwood This sandalwood wood is sharp and cool in fragrance. It is useful for leprosy, phlegm, fever and heartburn. It is used in herpes, arthritis, poisoning, blood bile etc.

The benefits of sandalwood

Sandalwood for sneezing problems Women or men sometimes have sneezing problems. In this case, crush sandalwood and coriander leaves. The smell stops sneezing. If you have sneezing problems, eat lentils, palandu or grunjanak and white sandalwood. Drain with cow’s milk. Give 1-2 drops in the nose.

Sandalwood to reduce inflammation Grind sandalwood in water and apply it on the body by crushing the bark of the stem. It cures inflammation.

Sandalwood to cure itching You can cure scabies using sandalwood. Grind sandalwood with water and apply it on the skin. It cures itching. Sandalwood oil Lemon juice And mix camphor. Applying it cures itching.

Acne treatment sandalwood Acne is a common problem. Women or men, everyone Acne Suffering from problems. For this you grind sandal wood. Put it in your mouth. In this Acne Facial scars etc. problems are cured.

Sandalwood in eye disease Sandalwood can be used for eye diseases. 100 ml in eye diseases In milk Cook 10 g white sandalwood paste. Let it cool down. Apply it on the eyes In eye diseases Benefits are available.

Sandalwood for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Use of sandalwood is beneficial in sexually transmitted diseases. Mix equal amount of manjistha and sandalwood powder. Regular consumption of 2-4 grams of this powder is beneficial in sexually transmitted diseases.

Sandalwood for sperm disorder Make a decoction of Arjuna bark and sandalwood in equal proportions to cure spermatic diseases. It can be taken in 20-40 ml in sperm related diseases.

Sandalwood for skin diseases The use of sandalwood is beneficial in various skin diseases. Rubbing sandalwood in water cures various skin diseases. If there is a rash on the skin, mix 2-4 grams of sandal powder in the juice of Guruchi. There are benefits to using it.

Sandalwood is a problem of excessive thirst Some people are always thirsty. In fact, it is a problem. 20-40 ml in such cases Coconut Mix 2-4 grams sandal powder in water. Drinking it quenches thirst.

Sandalwood for the smell of sweat Many people complain of bad smell from sweat. If you also want to get rid of this problem, then grind sandalwood powder with rose water. It is beneficial.

Sandalwood to get rid of headaches There can be many causes of headaches. Anyone who is suffering from headaches and wants to get rid of headaches with Ayurvedic method should rub sandalwood on their head. It relieves headaches.

Sandalwood in stomach disease Because of the cake Of the stomach Sandalwood is useful in diseases. It is relieved by consuming sandalwood ghee (5-10 grams). 20-40 ml if there is pain in the navel Coconut Put 2-4 grams of sandal powder in water. It gives relief.

Sandalwood for the treatment of leukorrhea Leukorrhea is a disease of women. This disease increases the chances of infection in the body of women. In this case, make a decoction of white or red sandalwood. It is beneficial in leukorrhea when taken in the amount of 20-30 ml.

Milk Oh Ghee Cook with 2-4 grams of sandal powder. Let it cool and Honey And add sugar. Drinking it gives immediate benefits to leukorrhea.

Sandalwood for the treatment of urinary tract diseases Wash 10-20 ml rice and mix 2-4 g fine sandal powder and sugar in water. Drink it with it MilkWho boils and eats cold food. Because of this Urinary tract infectionsSuch as frequent urination, etc. Problems with burning sensation in the urine If 50-100 ml cow In milk Mix 2-4 grams sandal powder and eat. It is comforting to drink.

Sandalwood in rectal disease Sandalwood is also useful in rectal disorders. Sandalwood powder 2-4 grams Honey And drink it mixed with sugar. Wash and drink with rice water. It is useful in rectal diseases.

Cholera treatment sandalwood In case of frequent diarrhea or blood in the stool, crushed white sandalwood Honey And drink it mixed with sugar. Wash it and drink it with rice water. It is useful in diarrhea.

Blood bile In case of bleeding from different parts of the body like nose, rectum or vagina, sandalwood, liqueur and Lodhra powder (2-4 gm) are equal. Sweet Eat mixed with. Drink with washed rice water for three days. It is beneficial in blood circulation. Applying sandalwood powder on the nose stops bleeding from the nose.

Sandalwood in the fight with fever You can also use sandalwood to cure fever. Crush sandalwood stick in water. The fever is cured by crushing the skin of its stem and applying it on the body.

Sandalwood in the problem of acidity Eats something upside down or eats out Problems with acidity Occurs. Problems with acidity Infected people may have head and heart pain after eating or have eye problems. Yellow And put sandalwood paste in the heart. Sandalwood is beneficial in this.

Sandalwood for body aches and pains In case of burns on the body, crush the sandalwood in water and apply it on the body by crushing the bark of the stem. It cures burns.

Sandalwood to stop vomiting You can use sandalwood to stop vomiting. Crush 500 mg white sandalwood. Dissolve it in 10 ml of amla juice. With this Honey Mixing and playing is beneficial in vomiting. Amalki Dilute 5-10 grams of fine sandalwood powder in four quarts of juice. With this Honey Vomiting is stopped by playing mixed. Also, 10-30 ml Amalki Mix 1-2 grams sandalwood paste in the juice. Playing it stops vomiting.

Sandalwood in Chickenpox In the early stages of smallpox, drink white sandalwood paste dissolved in ilmochika juice. Guti is useful in spring.

Sandalwood in arthritis pain The use of sandalwood is beneficial for arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis patients should take 20-40 ml of sandalwood powder mixed with sugar and honey. It relieves gout.

Use of sandalwood in leprosy Leprosy is considered an untouchable disease. Many suffer from leprosy. Eat equal amount of white sandalwood and camphor to cure leprosy. Mix these together and grind. Apply it. It is beneficial in leprosy.

Useful part of sandalwood

Here’s how to use sandalwood:

  • Sandalwood (sandalwood) cut in moist condition cures bile diseases.
  • Sandalwood cut in dry condition cures arthritis.
  • Sandalwood cut in the middle cures phlegm.

The use of sandalwood oil is beneficial in phlegm, heartburn, skin, jaundice, shortness of breath, fever, weakness etc.

You can use this amount of sandalwood:

  • Sandal powder – 3-6 grams
  • Sandalwood oil – 5-20 drops
  • Decoction – 2-4 ml
  • Sandalwood oil – 0.3-1 ml

To get the full benefits of sandalwood, consult a doctor before use.

Disadvantages of sandalwood

Using the right amount of sandalwood does not cause any health side effects, but in some cases the use of sandalwood can cause the following side effects:

If someone has a problem like allergies, then sandalwood may have a reaction on their skin.

If you consume too much of it Of the stomach There may be problems like skin disease, depression, vomiting or uremia.

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