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Coronavirus in animals: Deer are also being attacked by Omicron!

Coronavirus in animals: Deer are also being attacked by Omicron! Says a recent survey ...
Coronavirus in animals

Deer are also being affected by Omicron

Deer are also being attacked by Omicron! This is what has come up in the recent survey. This variant of Omicron has been found among white deer on Staten Island. And among the deer but it is spreading fast. The study also found that white-tailed deer had the highest prevalence of the virus. This has created concern in the United States. The reason for this is that these deer are very close to humans. And these deer are getting infected from there. As a result, human beings are responsible as a possible source of Omicron in the body of deer. Although researchers have previously said that in 2020, Covid infection was seen in the body of animals. Iowa had the highest number of deer infected at that time.

The virus has been reported in 13 states in the United States, including Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and New Jersey. Studies have shown that deer are transmitted to humans by Omicron mainly from humans and from there to other animals. However, the virus is being transmitted from deer to humans but no possibility has been found yet. But if the virus persists in deer for a long time, then there is a possibility of creating a new virus through mutations. And which can spread rapidly to humans or any other species later on.

Researchers at Staten Island at the moment say the virus could be transmitted from deer to humans at any moment through mutations. At the same time, the researchers found that high levels of antibodies were found in the bodies of some deer, suggesting that they may have been infected with Kovid before. Not only that, but deer are also at risk of re-infection. However, a large number of deer have died as a result of the omikran, but the number has not been seen yet.

Blood samples of 131 deer were collected from mid-December to January. At the same time their swabs are also tested. And that showed that 15 percent of deer already had Covid antibodies in their bodies. In addition, swab tests of 6 deer showed that they were covid positive. Of the deer swabs that were tested, 8 had indications of mutations in the Omicron variant.

The researchers also questioned whether deer were exposed to Omicron, which boosted their immunity, or how much antibodies they produced were able to prevent covid. Physicians still do not have a clear answer to all these questions.

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