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Coronavirus: Why can’t all these people get close to Kovid infection, find out the reasons. “No COVID” or “never COVID” people have never been infected with coronavirus


Coronavirus: Why Covid Infections Can Not Close To All These People, Learn The Reasons

That’s why all these people are not cowardly

Covid (19) has been in contact with victims, has been in contact with them more than once – but they are still safe. Kovid’s virus came out close to his ears but could not control them. Over the last two years, a lot of people have been infected with Kovid. Many have lost their lives, but many have recovered from their homes. The third wave of Kovid has been most affected by Omicron. But there are also people who have not been affected by any wave of covid. As a result, many have questioned how this is possible. These ‘No Covid’ sufferers are not only protecting themselves against the Kovid virus, but are also helping to prevent the Kovid virus infection. In November 2019, the first detection of this covid virus was found in Wuhan, China. But then it spread all over the world. The Covid virus has so far infected 440,606,758 people. Kovid was later declared a parasite by the World Health Organization. Since then, traces of multiple variants of Kovid have been found from different parts of the world. So far 5 disturbing variants of Kovid have been found. Lockdown begins around the world as soon as covid infections begin to increase. Work from home begins in the office. That trend is still going on in many places.

According to a study by Imperial College, those whose T cells are very high in the immune system have memory cells but are less likely to be infected with covid. Because their immune system is much higher than others. Kovid’s symptoms are similar to those of a common cold or cough. And so researchers have found that those who have high levels of T-cells in their body, but this covid virus can not be easily overcome at all. The study further found that these cells have the ability to easily recognize the symptoms of covid. It can also make a difference with the common cold and cough. And so when the body comes in contact with the virus, these cells can actually fight against the virus. That is why all these people do not get infected with Kovid easily.

However, there is disagreement among the doctors on this issue. No definite evidence has yet been found of these no-covid victims. Rather, according to doctors, the number of asymptomatic infections was much higher. And through them many have been infected with Kovida. However, doctors are not underestimating the importance of vaccination. Repeatedly, they say, Kovid vaccine, but everyone must take. Only then will the body’s resistance to disease increase. If you do not get vaccinated and if you are infected, multiple complications will occur.

Disclaimer: This report is for informational purposes only, not for any medical or medical purposes. Consult your physician for details.


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