COVID-19 in India: 4194 new cases in last 24 hours, 255 deaths


News Daily Digital Desk: Sometimes the relief of a few days disappears again. Rethinking health around the country’s COVID-19 graph. In one day the epidemic spreads slightly upwards. However, the death rate jumped. According to the latest bulletin of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in the last 24 hours, 4194 people were newly positive in the country, 10 more than yesterday. And in one day, 255 people in the country fell victim to the coronavirus, which was a little over 100 on Thursday. Undoubtedly, the general public is worried about this rising mortality rate.

Over the last few days, the corona situation in the country has been steadily improving. This week, the daily corona infection has dropped to 3,500. However, for the last 2 days, it is up again. Thoughts increased the number of daily deaths compared to those affected. Corona killed 106 people in the country on Thursday, and on Friday that number jumped to 255. Experts say that so many people have not died in a single day in Corona.

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘অপারেশন গঙ্গা’ও ব্যর্থ করতে চেয়েছিল বিরোধীরা! বিস্ফোরক মোদি]

According to the country’s Corona statistics, in the last 24 hours, 6,208 people have recovered from the grip of the epidemic. The total number of recoveries is 4,24,26,326. 97.8% as a percentage. At present, the total number of active corona patients in the country is 42,219, which is only 0.10 percent of the total infected.

[আরও পড়ুন: রাশিয়ার কাছে আত্মসমর্পণ করুন! টেলিগ্রামে ইউক্রেনীয় সেনাকে কেন এমন আরজি জেলেনস্কির?]

The corona situation in the country is largely under control with the weakening of the new strain omikron, strict regulations and emphasis on vaccination. However, the government does not want to have a shortage of vaccines even if the infection is reduced. On Wednesday, the DGCA gave clearance for another vaccine to 12-16 year olds. Covovax vaccine manufactured by Bharat Biotech has been cleared for emergency use. With this, a total of 179 crore 82 lakh people have been vaccinated in the country.

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