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COVID booster shot: Learn what happens after a dose of Covid Booster 2022

COVID booster shot: After booster dose of COVID many people have experienced this chronic problem ...

There is nothing to fear from the side effects of the vaccine

The Covid vaccine, like other vaccines, has minor side effects. Most can feel it after vaccination. Fever, chills, headaches and hand aches – these are the symptoms most people have. However, these side effects indicate that the vaccine is working properly in the body. However, after taking the third dose of Covid vaccine or this booster dose, many side effects are seen in many cases. And that problem has been around for a long time. Which has not been seen in the previous two waves.

Many of those who have been affected by the previous two waves of the corona have not had a sense of taste or smell for some time. This time, even those who have taken this third dose of Covid Ticker, but in many cases, the taste has changed. For some time they were not getting any proper taste of food. When you drink water or any food, you will get a metallic taste in your mouth. And this problem is more common after taking the vaccine. The symptom is not only seen in a certain age, many people have this problem. Even those who are completely healthy after taking booster doses have this same problem. However, there is not enough evidence of this problem.

This problem was first seen in America last year. Those who took the booster dose were the first to report the problem. But then the matter was not taken seriously. Because this problem did not last more than two days. The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention also makes no mention of these side effects of the vaccine. According to them, this problem can occur only after taking any vaccine. And this is a common side effect.

They also said that there is no need to panic if the problem occurs immediately after the vaccine. After two days, this problem is solved again by itself. However, if this problem persists for some time and is accompanied by any other symptoms, then you have to assume that you have Covid. However, this is not the case with everyone. But in the case of those who are reporting problems like not getting taste, it has been going on for a long time.

Vaccines must be taken to fight the disease. Therefore, as the transmission of Omicron increases, the rush for booster dose has started. Vaccination of people over 60 is also going on in India. There is nothing to fear from side effects. The problem of not having taste lasts for more than three days. Even this is not a very serious problem. However, if you have problems like dry mouth, headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, sinus, then be careful and consult a doctor.

Disclaimer: This report is for informational purposes only, not for any medical or medical purposes. Consult your physician for details.

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