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Covid: Symptoms similar to covid! Maybe ‘Florona’, doctors warned … | Covid like symptoms It could even be Florona know what says doctor


Covid: Symptoms similar to covid!  Maybe 'Florona', doctors warn ...

The number of infected Florona is increasing

There is a new lockdown in China, the number of victims is increasing but the Covid-19 graph of our country is declining. People have started to return to normal rhythm again. However, Covid has not yet fully departed. And so all the precautionary rules of Kovid (Coronavirus) must be followed. However, during this season change, many people get cold and flu. Many people have problems like sore throat or sore throat. Some people have trouble breathing, high fever, chest pain. Meanwhile, the Covid RT-PCR report is negative. Doctors call this symptom Florona. The common flu and covid symptoms coexist, so these problems are called florona. Recently, many people in Kabakata are coming to the doctors with this symptom. This symptom has been seen in many people in the third wave of Kovid. That’s why they had to get up early to find out if they were infected with covid. However, everyone has unanimously acknowledged that Kovid’s virus is slowly losing its strength. This information has come up in a recent report published in The Times of India.

There are many people who have been infected with Kovid after getting the Kovit vaccine. According to the World Health Organization, people can be infected with a combination of the two infections – covid and flu. And the best way to stay safe is to get vaccinated against Kovid as well as influenza. As Raja Dhar, a physician in the Pulmonology Department of CMRI Hospital, said, ‘Kovid and influenza attack our body in the same way. In some cases, the infection can be severe. However, the symptoms of Kovid and influenza are the same. So far, he has found the whereabouts of three Florona cases in Kolkata. The three patients came to him with fluorine symptoms during the omikron. Later their corona was also tested. But it is taking some time for the flu and covid to recover from the onset of the disease.

However, this Florona is very dangerous for the elderly and those who have comorbidity. There is even a possibility of loss of life. Because in this case the lungs are at the center of the infection. So as SSKM professor Deeptendra Sarkar says, ‘Very few people are getting this infection. And that’s not what Kovid is testing. As a result, it takes a long time to diagnose the disease. So there is going to be a risk in the case of the elderly. And to avoid this risk, you should consult a doctor regularly. If you have problems like high fever, pain in hands and feet, cold, chest pain, shortness of breath, do not leave it at all. Consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: This report is for informational purposes only, not for any drug or medical treatment. Consult your physician for details.


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