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Diabetes Recipes: These 5 delicious hot foods are only for diabetics … | Summer Special Delicious Diabetes Recipes


Diabetes Recipes: These 5 delicious hot foods are only for diabetics ...

You can eat all these foods in the heat without fear

Diabetes is a problem at home nowadays. Diabetes has become a silent killer all over the world. Many people have been suffering from diabetes since a very young age. The number of people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes is increasing day by day. Changes in daily life are responsible for this problem. Carbohydrates are high in most daily routines. There is absolutely no workout compared to that. And so the amount of sugar in the blood continues to increase. In addition, hormonal problems, cholesterol problems are all involved. The effect of which falls on the body. That is why the first thing to look at is the daily diet (Diabetes Diet). If you have a problem with diabetes, sugar, rice, potatoes, flour are all excluded from the diet first. It is also recommended to eat less spicy foods and junk food. As a result, many people think that this is probably the end of delicious food. And so there are some healthy delicious foods for diabetics. It will keep the body healthy and good for the body in hot weather.

Broccoli and cauliflower

Cauliflower contains a lot of fiber. Also there are absolutely no carbohydrates. Contains omega 3 fatty acids. Originally for type 1 diabetes but this cauliflower is very good. And you can make any curry with cauliflower, fish and cheese. You can also make cauliflower rice. But the body will be good.

Good breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day. And if you follow the rules of breakfast, but the body has many benefits. Try to have any kind of cereals at breakfast. Oats, mujli eat these. These do not contain excess sugar. There are dried fruits. Also any cereals but rich in nutrients. On a hot day, it is good to eat oats with sour curd, banana, apple and sabeda. You can also make oatmeal smoothie with cold milk. This smoothie is also very good for the body.


You can make salads with your favorite fruits, pickles, mayonnaise, but you can also make different vegetables, boiled eggs and chicken pieces. Try to keep the salad in the fridge all the time and eat it cold. Not only is it good to eat but it is also good for your health. People who suffer from diabetes eat one salad a day. Stomach will be cold.


Put almonds and walnuts in different types of nuts. Brazil nuts can also continue. When you are hungry, eat a handful of nuts. Almonds contain essential minerals but also omega 3 fatty acids. Eat nuts as a snack.

Different pulses

You have to put one bowl of pulses in the daily menu. Lentils are the best. Other than that, other pulses can be eaten. Pulses contain a lot of nutrients. Vegetable protein is more effective than animal protein in controlling diabetes.


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