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Get results like parlor with Vit Cold Wax Strips while sitting at home!


A few days ago, I decided to wear a half-sleeved blouse to match a sari to attend a program. That’s when the disaster struck! Because I have a lot of hair on my hands. Which is why I always wore flower sleeves. Meanwhile, I could not understand how to match the blouse with the sari in the program. I never thought of going there again as hot waxing is done in the parlor. A friend told me about my hesitation Wet cold wax strips That’s it. Vit’s name was already known. At the suggestion of my girlfriend, I used Vit Cold Wax Strips. Today I will tell you about that experience. I will also tell you how to get results like a parlor sitting at home with Vit.

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh!

Vit’s name is so well known in the market that this name comes to mind first when you say hair removal cream. This is what girls choose to do to get rid of unwanted body hair. For many years, Vit has written in the place of trust of girls. Even if you go to the store, you never have to say the name of the hair removal cream separately. So Vit When it comes to new cold wax strips, it is a kind of blessing! And the girls are probably the happiest to be given the opportunity to wax while sitting in Vit’s room! Because there is no problem to go to the parlor now. Hair can be cleaned at any time sitting at home with Expert Way! And there is the matter of saving money!

Wet cold wax strips

What Vit is claiming about Vit Cold Wax Strips

Vit is claiming their new cold wax strips are easy gel based. It contains shea butter. And Asai Berry’s very beautiful fragrance. Which is why a very nice scent comes from the strips. Gives moisturized skin along with hair removal, gives long lasting smoothness. Just like the parlor! And yes, I say to understand whether it is safe to use, but it is clinically tested.

The advantage of having an easy gel formula

  • The geltuku will just spread well around the hair. Will not stick to the skin.
  • The skin stays smooth for a long time as it removes the hair from the very beginning.

Suitable for any skin

My skin is normal. Which is why it suits my skin so well. However, even if the skin is sensitive, it can be used. However, in that case it is better to test the patch.

What’s in a packet?

This pack of Vit Cold Wax Strips contains 20 light pink wax strips. There are also Perfect Finish Wipes.


Vit Wax The color of this packet of strips is a mix of light and dark pink. The color is quite eye-catching. Most of the girls prefer pink because the color also attracts a lot of girls. Also the packaging is quite trendy, very light. Can be easily carried. If you want, you can also take it in your bag while traveling.

Vit strips open


You will be happy to know that the price is also within reach! You are getting 20 strips for only 350 rupees! The cost of waxing in a parlor is much higher than that. In other words, you can get a full body waxing experience like a parlor at home for only 350 rupees!

How to use

The text on the packet must be read carefully before using the wax strips. Before waxing, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. A strip can be used repeatedly as long as the strips have stickiness. I used to hand. My two strips have become full hand hair clean. I left the rest for next time.

There is no need to rub the strips hard when opening. The strips can be easily removed.

Strips fitted

There are only four ways to open and use strips:

1) The semi-circular part on the top two sides of the strips should be opened slowly by pulling from both sides.

2) One side strips should be applied on the side of the skin where hair growth occurs. Keep rubbing well on the skin.

3) Now pull the strip from the opposite side of the hair growth and remove it.

4) After waxing, clean the skin well with wipes.

(There is a picture with the to-do on the packet. You can also understand the instructions by looking at the picture to understand better)

Lift the strips


The biggest advantage of using Wit wax strips is Unwanted Hair removal You don’t have to think about it at all. Other benefits include:

  • 1.5 mm from the root. Till the hair also removes these strips. So stay calm with the thought that short hair can be seen on the skin!
  • Gives long lasting smoothness to skin up to 28 days.


1) Read the text of the packet carefully. You need to know all the precautions and instructions before using.

2) Can be used on arms, legs, underarms and bikini line.

3) Can not be used in face, intimate area or private parts.

4) Varicose veins (blue or purple swollen leg veins), cuts, moles, sesame seeds, broken parts of the body, itchy areas, sunburned skin or if there is irritation due to waxing before this can not be waxed.

5) If you are in any medication or have any kind of skin related disorder, you must talk to the doctor before using the strips.

6) Older people, anyone with diabetes or someone taking oral retinoids cannot do this wax.

6) If you have never waxed before, then Vit is suggesting to wax your feet at the beginning. You can use it on sensitive areas like underarm or bikini line only if you feel good after waxing your legs.

Clean hands

6) The skin must be kept dry and non-irritated before use. No oils, creams or deodorants can be used.

9) Apply a little bit of the product on the part you want to use before using it completely. If there is no irritation in 24 hours, then you can use it regularly.

10) If you feel any kind of irritation during use, then immediately remove the strips. Gently rub with perfect finish wipes or baby oil. Then wash the place with cold water.

11) If the burning sensation does not subside after some time, then consult a doctor.

12) The same place can not be waxed more than once.

13) After use, the skin may be sensitive for a while. So avoid scratching.

14) Vit is advising not to use any kind of perfumed product, artificial tanning equipment, swimming or sunbath till 24 hours after using the strips.

15) If the finish wipes are finished, then baby oil can also be used. Water, soap or alcohol should not be used for waxing.

16) Keep out of reach of children.

16) Keep away from eye contact. If it gets into the eyes in any way, quickly wash the eyes with water and consult a doctor.

16) Keep the surviving strips in a cool, dry place.

My experience using Vit Cold Wax Strips

As I said before, since I have a little more hair on my hands, I always felt comfortable wearing flower sleeves. I would not have the courage to go to the parlor and do waxing after hearing all kinds of negative things. Hot waxing is done in the parlor. Which is not tolerable for many skin. So I didn’t take any more risks. But Vit is different. Whit hair removal Cream I understood that I would use it and Vit would never bring a bad product anyway.

Now it’s your turn to use. Since I had never waxed before, I didn’t want to take the risk in the beginning. First I put a small amount of strips on one part of my hand and picked up some hair. Later I gently rubbed the place with baby oil. Now wait 24 hours. I waited to see if there was any irritation on the skin. Until one day later, when I did not face any problem on the skin, I did waxing with both hands. Gently wiped with finish wipes after waxing.

Honestly, at first I couldn’t believe that waxing could be done so perfectly at home! Because we are used to seeing and hearing only waxing with different materials in the parlor. When I got the perfect result like a parlor sitting at home, I am not thinking of going to the parlor for the second time!

Before After Waxing

Last word

There is no denying that Vit has come to the market with a solution to a very common problem of girls. But one thing to keep in mind all the time. Everyone Skin Not the same type. If there is a problem with good skin type and use without knowing the skin problems, then you should not blame Vit at all. Vit has written on their packets very nicely and details who can use it, who can’t. So, first of all, use the method of use after seeing, knowing and understanding it well.

Hope the above information was helpful. Now you will decide by understanding how suitable Vit is for your skin.

If you don’t get the chance to go to the market and buy Vit Cold Wax Strips, you can order online cosmetics app or website at home. You can also buy two cosmetic shops for any authentic beauty product including skin and hair, one at Jamuna Future Park and the other at the Border Reserve.

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