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How can you eat with your mask on!

How can you eat with your mask on!
How can you eat with your mask on!

How can you eat with your mask on!

Masks are now a part of everyday life. There were mixed reactions to the coronavirus infection when the mask first appeared. One group readily accepted. And one group was absolutely reluctant to accept the matter. And there was a group of people who were making various jokes about the issue.

Many of these humorous people were studying on social media about how to eat, how to smoke, even after wearing a mask. But who knew that joke would be true?

The use of masks has increased tremendously in the last two years. There have been various experiments with masks. But this time, a mask from South Korea, leaving behind all those masks and experiments with masks. Wonder the name of this mask– Cosc! In this mask the nose and mouth are not covered together. Only the nose is covered. The mask was made by the South Korean company Atman. In Korean, ‘ko’ means nose. This ‘co’ and ‘mask’ have been matched with ‘cosk’.

This fancy mask only covers the nose. You can’t eat without wearing another mask. If you wear this mask, you can eat Divya. Although the nose is covered, the mouth is open. However, there is a part inside it, which is kept folded. If necessary, it can be opened and the face can be covered. This mask has become very popular in South Korea.

Catherine Bennett, head of the epidemiology department at the Institute for Health Transformation at Deakin University in Australia, said the masks only cover the nose. The subject is a little strange. But it is better to have nothing. This probably makes a difference (compared to the current mask).

Whatever the experts say, some people have questioned the effectiveness of this mask. Their question is, is it useful at all to prevent infection? Or the whole style? Many say that since it has the opportunity to cover the face, it can also cover the face as needed. As a result, the two works together. And while eating, the nose is covered. There is some extra protection, which is not available in other masks!

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