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Mental Health: Is Your Child Suffering From Depression? Who is responsible for this, you know? | New study links air pollution to symptoms of depression in adolescents


Mental Health: Is Your Child Suffering From Depression?  Who is responsible for this, you know?

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There is no doubt that Air Pollution affects our Health Tips. Suffering from multiple respiratory diseases at an early age. But do you know that this air pollution also affects the minds of teenagers. According to a report published in the journal Developmental Psychology, rising weight levels in the atmosphere affect the mental health of teenage children.

The weight of the atmosphere is constantly increasing due to pollution. And this effect is not only damaging our lungs, but also causing depression in the minds of teenagers. Studies have shown that weight gain increases the risk of depression in young people. A large number of young children are suffering from mental depression.

The study was conducted over a long period of four years on 213 adolescents living in San Francisco, USA. All adolescents participating in the study were between the ages of nine and thirteen. The study found that air pollution was damaging the body, as well as affecting mental health.

This is not the end. The study claims that stress caused by air pollution is also increasing the risk of suicide among young people. Moreover, stress, depression, exhaustion, etc. are having a tremendous effect on their body. It is also disturbing their sleep.

Where the level of weight is low, the state of mental health is similarly bad. Adolescents’ mental health is not very good even in the part of the world where the level of weight is low. The reason is pollution. It’s not just the increase in weight levels that is affecting our environment. Air pollution is constantly happening and for various reasons. We are also partly responsible for this.

According to experts, air pollution affects the body in many ways. Most people suffer from lung problems due to air pollution. There are also skin problems, eye problems, allergies and many other physical problems that are caused by air pollution. But many may not even think that mental health can be affected by this. But research has proven.

In fact, the effects of the diseases that occur in the body due to air pollution or inflammation that occurs. Depression is created from there. Mental health is damaged. Since young children spend a lot of time outdoors, their risk of developing this problem is relatively high. Research also claims that this air pollution is causing mental illness in adolescents.

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