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Odisha: Rough sea and calm lake! Puri has this ‘wonderful’ offbeat Satapada: the place of Irrawaddy dolphins in Odisha


Odisha: Rough sea and calm lake!  Puri has this 'wonderful' offbeat

Satpara between the waves of the Bay of Bengal and the calm lake.

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After taking five days off, he packed his bags and left for the trip. But now in the way it is slowly getting hot, you also have to think five times where to go, how to go and so on. If you are looking for Offbeat Destination then you can visit Satpara of Odisha this summer too. Orissa means Puri, Konark etc. are the destinations of Bengalis. However, if you want, you can also add Satpara to this Puri trip. Where is this Satpara, how to go, where to stay – all the information.

Satpara is located at a distance of about 50 km from Puri. After visiting Puri, many people go to visit Chilika Lake. Satpara is located on the eastern shore of Lake Chilika. This offbeat is located where Lake Chilika meets the Bay of Bengal. Satpara between the waves of the Bay of Bengal and the calm lake. The turbulence of the sea and the stillness of the lake – the combination of the two can be enjoyed from this Satpara. And the view of the sunrise from this meeting place is no less than a picture. You can see such a thrilling view of the Bay of Bengal only here.

Chilika Lake surrounds Satpara from three sides. From this, the main attraction of Satpara is the outstanding natural view of the lake. And the thing you won’t find anywhere in the Bay of Bengal is the Irabadi dolphin. Irabadi dolphins will be seen in this Satpara. This is a rare species of dolphin and is found in Satpara.

There is also the fun of wandering around the sandbar as you please. Sandbar is the boundary between Lake Chilika and the Bay of Bengal. However, this boundary is drawn by a human being. Nature has drawn this boundary between the lake and the sea. This sandbar is a unique creation of nature. You can wander around in such a place as you like. But such opportunities rarely come in life.

And if anyone is looking for adventure, then here are the opportunities for camping. However, for this you need to contact the Forest Beat office. From here you can also visit Sea-Mouth and Nalban. And there is another beautiful island like Kaliyai. If you want, you can also visit Dolphin Point by boat. Dolphin Point here is quite popular among tourists for Irrawaddy dolphins.

Satpara can be reached from Puri on a day trip. There are also overnight stays. So if you plan to go to the beach this summer, put Satpara on the bucket list.

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