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Silver Benefits: The key to good health hidden in silver? Find out what the survey says … | Are Silver Anklets Beneficial For Health know what Study says


Silver Benefits: The key to good health hidden in silver?  Find out what the survey says ...

That’s why you should use silver jewelry

In recent times, silver jewelry (Sliver Jewelry) but the most trendy. Everyone chooses silver anklets for their shiny and smart look. Gold jewelry has a distinct nobility. But for those who want to dress a little differently, this silver jewelry is the most suitable. However, silver toe rings are most in demand throughout the year in silver jewelry. Of the total silver jewelry sold, 34% is foot stools. In fact, many do not want to wear gold. That is why in this case silver jewelry is more popular. In South India, silver is predominant in marriage, engagement, any pujo and child naming ceremonies. Even in Diwali and Holi, the demand for silver jewelery, silver Lakshmi-Ganesha increases. However, according to the Puranas, there is another explanation for the use of this silver. There it is said, silver is associated with the moon. The eyes of Lord Shiva were made of silver, and for that reason it is a symbol of prosperity. So wearing silver increases Shri in the world. Since then many people also use silver idols. At one time silver was also used to make medicine from washing water.

Apart from Indian culture, this silver has a special significance in Egyptian civilization. It also has special significance in wearing legs. Silver is said to prevent the release of energy from our body. It also gives energy to the body. Positivity is also maintained if there is silver in the body. Silver also helps prevent bacteria. And that’s why we talk about wearing silver on the feet .. This is because many types of bacterial infections are transmitted through the feet. Thousands of years ago, when sailors went to sea, they kept silver coins in water bottles. It is said that the water given by this silver coin is disinfectant. It is also good for the stomach.

Another reason why women wear silver on their feet is that they have to spend a lot of time standing and working in the kitchen. Also most of the housework is standing. As a result, the problem of leg swelling and leg pain is much more common in women. The pain is mainly from the bottom of the spine to the soles of the feet. Silver also helps in blood circulation in our body. This increases the strength of the leg muscles.

Apart from these, silver also helps to increase the immunity of our body. This has been seen in several studies. Another reason for wearing silver rings in married women is that it helps in reproduction and also eliminates many problems of masks. That is why Indian girls tend to wear silver stools or silver bracelets the most.

Disclaimer: This report is for informational purposes only, not for any medical or medical purposes. Consult your physician for details.


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