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Summer Health: Follow all these tips to keep yourself healthy in summer 6 New Methods to Improve Your Summer Health Doctor Suggest


Summer Health: Follow all these tips to keep yourself healthy in the heat

That way you will stay healthy in the heat

Mercury is gradually rising in temperature. And with this increase in temperature, but also the discomfort caused by the weather is increasing. Sweating occurs, it is more stuffy, sweat settles on the body, also after a while of sunlight but people are afraid to go out. The way the heat has started to increase in the month of April, the fold of worry is on Amen’s forehead. Many people have never seen a temperature of more than 36 degrees in the month of Chaitra. As a result, the possibility of heat stroke remains. But the amount of money we need to stay healthy is not always in our hands. So there are a few rules to follow. On this wheat day, as the sun germs, the germs become active, but the headaches and stomach problems remain. And so follow these few general rules.

Eat more water- There is no compromise with water on a hot day. Keep a water bottle with you when you leave home. Drink enough water every day. Drink a glass of water every hour as this, but you have to drink water. Drinking water properly removes harmful toxins from the body. With that, multiple physical problems are solved. Water side, fruit juice, soup, coconut water, but you must keep it. Absolutely avoid cold drinks. Because it contains a lot of calories.

Have to work hard If you have to sit in one place all day, even if there is no movement, but it is very difficult. This puts pressure on the heart. Heart problems are bound to come. So if you have to sit and work all day, then you must get up once in 1 hour. Take a short walk. You can also choose any of the sports, yoga, exercise, dance by making daily rules.

Share food- Bana wants food in hot weather. It is also important to know what you are eating at any given time. Eating too much oily and spicy food is just as much a problem as eating on an empty stomach. Divide the food of the whole day into 4 parts in total. Stop eating sugar completely. Instead, eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. So the body will be much better.

Mental health- Emphasize the importance of daily mental health. If the mind is good, everything is fine. And so do not take extra stress. Try to stay away from anxiety. The sun-heat comes from physical fatigue but also mental fatigue. So it is important to control the mind.

Sleep– To stay mentally and physically healthy but good sleep is equally necessary. Don’t stay awake at night unnecessarily. Many times I do not sleep well at night due to heat. In that case, keep an eye on it so that the sleep becomes makeup at noon. 7-8 hours of continuous sleep but very important. Otherwise the body is not right at all. If you feel the need to drink a cold drink for a good night’s sleep, then so be it. But not a cold drink.

Disclaimer: This report is for informational purposes only, not for any medical or medical purposes. Consult your physician for details.


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