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Tea time snacks: Looking for some healthy snacks in the tea party? Here is the recipe Healthy Indian Snacks To Eat With Tea


Tea time snacks: Looking for some healthy snacks in the tea party?  Here is the recipe

Absolutely do not eat all foods with tea

Tea Time Snacks Ideas: No matter how healthy the food is eaten in the morning, in the afternoon the mind goes to a little televaja-salty food. Although our ‘mind’ and ‘hormones’ are responsible for this, it is better to keep it as long as possible. Most of the first choice with a cup of hot tea or coffee is chop, shingara, jhuribhaja, chanachur, fuluri etc. Recently, chips, french fries, cutlets, etc. have been added. Many also like to eat frozen nuggets or chicken balls. All of these foods are just as bad for our health as they are for our health. And so we have to be careful about this ourselves. Because the more calories you eat, the more problems you have with cholesterol and triglycerides. So do not eat tea in the afternoon? Of course there will be tea, there will be chat but stay with healthy but delicious food. Wondering how healthy food can be! So here are some recipes and ideas.

Corn lick- Sweet corn is now available in the market all year round. This corn is as good to eat as it is low in calories. First boil the corn kernels well. Now mix it well with a little black pepper powder, butter, salt, cucumber powder, onion powder, tomato powder, capsicum powder. You can also mix a few peanuts with corn. Sprinkle lemon juice on top. The body will get nutrition as well as it will be good to eat. However, do not eat this mixture with milk tea. Eat with liqueur tea or green tea.

Gram You can also eat fried lentils in a dry pan without oil with tea. The body gets nutrition, protein. With that, there are no calories at all. In the same way you can fry nuts in a dry pan. Mix this gram and almond together and eat it with onion paste. You can also sprinkle some crushed lemons and a little lemon juice.

Dry Fruits – Dry fruits are also very good with afternoon tea. Almonds, walnuts, nuts can be eaten mixed together. A handful of nuts contains essential minerals and vitamins. With that, if you can eat regular dry fruit, but fat also falls.

Sprouted mug- Soak the mug the night before. Leave it in the water the next day. In the afternoon you will see that the shoot has gone out. Now make chaat by mixing lemon juice, onion powder and chilli powder with green mug. It is also good to eat with liqueur tea or lemon tea.

Pet lick- Bake the leaves. Now mix tomato paste, lemon juice, onion paste and cucumber paste with the leaves. This mixture is as good as it tastes but also incomparable in taste. This petal lick does not contain any calories or carbohydrates at all. It is also delicious.

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