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West Bengal Weather Update: Burning skin, keep the elderly members of the house safe, special advice from the doctor. Things You Can Do To Prevent Heat Stroke In Seniors


West Bengal Weather Update: Burning skin, keep the elderly members of the household safe, special advice physician

The way to protect the elderly from the heat of the house

Stroke in Elderly Adults: South Bengal is burning, mercury is rising. The temperature in the district has crossed 44 degrees Celsius. In Kolkata too, the mercury thorn has reached 40. The state has not received rain for more than 44 consecutive days. Everyone from young to old is getting tired in the heat and sweat. Even at home there is no salvation from sweat. In most of the houses, the housewives are finishing their cooking in the morning. Less than the crowd at noon in the bank, outdoors of the hospital. The campaign is being carried out again and again from Navanna. In the heat of the moment, no one should go out of the house without any need, especially during the period of 11-4 hours, everyone is being very careful about it. This heat wave will continue for the next few days. The chances of rain are slim at the moment. And so this time itself Healthy Take care of the elders of the house. Follow the doctor’s special advice.

Heatstroke leads to heat. And the risk of heatstroke is highest in the elderly. Because the body of the elderly can not adapt to changes in temperature. The older you get, the less sensitive your body becomes. And so in the heat of the moment, the body begins to weaken in the excess heat, but the elderly cannot feel it until they themselves become seriously ill. Also, most adults suffer from multiple problems, including diabetes and high blood pressure. If you have a problem with high blood pressure, you need to be more careful this summer.

For those who have had kidney problems for a long time, are undergoing dialysis, are undergoing chemo, the body becomes a little weak. And so their immunity is much lower. With age, sodium-potassium balance becomes harder to maintain. But this issue also needs to be kept in mind. Another problem with the Basques is that they are more likely to get a cold in the summer. From there, there is a possibility of chest infection, pneumonia. And so the doctor gave some special tips to keep the elderly healthy at this time Dvaipayana Majumdar.

1. Those who have high blood pressure and hypertension should be a little more careful at this time. You can’t go out in the midday sun at all. Get to work in the bank in the morning. Otherwise take the help of someone else.

2. Do not drink cold water from the fridge. Absolutely not from the sun. Eat mixed if necessary. Do not enter the AC room directly from the sun. This greatly increases the chances of getting a cold in the chest.

3. It is important to take a bath every day except for the bedridden patient. The more clean you are, the better. Take a bath in the morning. During this time many skin problems occur in the elderly. And so it is important to take a bath every day.

4. In addition to the problem of dehydration, it is also important to keep an eye on whether the body is depleted of sodium-potassium. If this is the case, rush to the nearest health center.

5. Keep the water bottle clean. Don’t use other people’s bottles just like you don’t drink outside water. Drink water in your own bottle and keep that bottle clean.

Disclaimer: This report is for informational purposes only, not for any medical or medical purposes. Consult your physician for details.

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